Make Your Connection.

At the Mississippi Business Engagement Network, our goal is to leverage the numerous assets available through Mississippi’s public universities to help businesses flourish. We can connect your business with subject matter experts, student interns, research incentives and much more. MBEN will navigate the complexities of the universities for you so all you are left to do is reap the benefits of this new partnership.


There are many areas MBEN can provide assistance in helping your company grow. If you need help with research, our upcoming Faculty Experts Database can identify and locate someone through the university system to fulfill your needs. In addition, the SMART Business Act can help you defray your research expenses through a partnership with one of our public universities. If adding additional workforce is your goal, trust MBEN to find the right students and recent graduates to successfully fill any open intern and employee position.

Mississippi boasts eight public universities. Four research universities and four regional universities share a tri-fold mission of education, research and service. With an enrollment of more than 80,000 students each year, these universities award more than 16,000 degrees. The combined expertise of their faculty and staff bring in more than $400 million in research and development annually.