Kinesiology Students and Professor Advocate for Health, Physical Education Funding

April 12, 2017


Student and faculty representatives from The University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Kinesiology will meet with their Congressional representatives in Washington, D.C. for SHAPE America’s – Society of Health and Physical Educators 9th annual SPEAK Out! Day, April 25-26.


Students Alex Faulk and Alison Hughes received scholarships from SHAPE to fund their travel. They will be joined by Dr. Evelyn Gordon, assistant professor of sport coaching education.

Hughes, vice president of the Physical Education Majors Club, said “advocacy events like this are important because most people do not understand the importance of physical education, especially in the school system.”

Faulk, a McComb, Miss. native, agrees stating that without physical education in schools, students’ livelihoods will be negatively affected.


During SPEAK Out! Day, teachers and students from across the nation will explain the negative impacts that occur when health and physical education are disregarded. They will also share success stories and ask members of Congress to support funding for health and physical education programs in their state.


Hughes, a Hurley, Miss. native, said she enjoys helping elementary school students with basic movements that can positively affect how they move and act as adults. “Knowing I can make such an impact on a young life encourages me every day,” she said.


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