The Right Tools. The Right Partner.

It’s a unique and prosperous combination. A partnership of success for our state and a win-win for everyone. The goal of MBEN is to create, enhance and sustain partnerships between businesses and Mississippi’s four public research universities. The results speak for themselves. By partnering with local economic developers and state agencies, these unique partnerships aid in recruiting new businesses to Mississippi, support the growth of existing businesses and provide training for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and innovators in today’s classrooms.

The universities are a collective, powerful and unmatched resource for advancing Mississippi. The eight universities include two land-grant universities, three historically black institutions, a law center, an academic health science center, a School of Veterinary Medicine and more than 200 Institutes and Centers.

At MBEN, we value collaboration and inclusiveness. Our work is conducted in concert with the Mississippi Research Consortium, the Mississippi Development Authority, Mississippi Economic Development Council and Mississippi Economic Council and guided by MBEN Business and Economic Development Advisory Group.