Invest In Your Future—And Theirs.

Bright minds are waiting. There are talented, able students across Mississippi ready and willing to put their knowledge to work in exchange for valuable experience. They are the future of our state, of your business. It is our goal to start them on the right path to success.


Student internships were rated by employers nationwide as one of the most effective recruiting methods for hiring new college graduates, according to the 2013 Job Outlook survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). There is no doubt that quality student internship opportunities will increase the pool of qualified applicants for post-university employment. Many of these graduates may be sending their resumes to you. That is why Mississippi Public Universities and the Mississippi Economic Council have partnered to create a program to facilitate quality internship opportunities for students across our state.


Invest in your future…and in theirs. If you are interested in starting a student internship program or if you need assistance with internship recruitment within the university system, MBEN can help. Contact us today.