The place on campus most students don’t visit but really should

August 28, 2018
Erika L. Myrthil

Erika L. Myrthil

Campus career centers often get a bad rap. Maybe sometimes it’s deserved, but there’s still a lot of good that can be found there. Of course they can show you how to write a resume and help you with your interview skills, but one of the most valuable things they provide is employer relationships. Here’s why:

1.      The first connection an employer makes when they want to recruit on a college campus is the career center. As a result, the staff knows the main contact for every employer.

2.      Career centers are usually the first place employers go when they are looking for top student recommendations.

3.      The career center knows when employers are coming to campus and what sessions they’re giving.

4.      Employers have to go through the career center if they want to interview on campus and so do you.


This is why it’s a big mistake to wait until senior year to visit. Even if you won’t be interviewing right away, familiarizing yourself with the career center during freshman year has its advantages. If you’re further along in your college career and don’t know which side of campus the career center is on, it’s time to find out.

Learning about the services provided by the career center is important, but so is making sure the staff is getting to know you. Employers will often ask them for student referrals and you want to be top of mind when they do. Make sure they know your name, major, interests, etc. so they can talk you up when you’re not around.


No matter how close or far away you are from graduation, it’s time to get familiar with your career center. Check them out on your school’s website and then schedule an appointment to visit. And remember, even if you don’t need help with career planning, resume writing, or interview skills don’t ignore the value they add when it comes to employer relationships.


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