University of Southern Mississippi Earns National Ranking for Professional Sales Education Program

October 01, 2018

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) has been ranked in the Top 50 Universities for Professional Sales Education in the United States in the 2017 Sales Education Foundation Annual Report.

Southern Miss has been widely recognized for its 100 percent placement regarding the undergraduate Healthcare Marketing Program. Students have accepted sales positions at Eli Lilly, medical equipment companies, and in the veterinarian pharmaceutical industry, along with others.


As stated in the report, “Southern Miss has a long history of placing students with companies from the Fortune 500 as well as small, entrepreneurial organizations. Students enter may industries including healthcare, consumer products, retail, capital equipment, oil & gas, business services, and others. The majority of marketing students start their careers in sales.”

“We are proud of our sales education program in the School of Marketing. Our program is unique within the state of Mississippi. Students can earn a Certificate in Professional Selling by taking two sales classes, sales management and an approved elective,” said Dr. Faye Gilbert, dean of USM’s College of Business and Economic Development.


For the students who aspire to have a career in sales, this program can change the trajectory of their career. Many of the students that go through the program, may not want to be career sales people, but they have realized that a sales position is their entry point to the corporations they want to work for.

USM marketing Professor Chris Balaski notes that any student who completes the program has advantages over those who do not have similar exposure.

“If they join a company that offers an extensive sales training program, the student will be familiar with the selling process and role plays,” he said. “This can help them finish toward the top of their training class. Some students may join companies that do not have a sales training program so this could be the only sales training they ever receive. The goal of the program is to help our alumni stand out in organizations they join as employees.”


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